Does Jesus Matter?

Credits & Introduction

Short video giving credit for the pictures used in these videos as well as the books and sermons used in the research.

Jesus: Abuse and Embarrassment

Many, of us have become acquainted with the name Jesus Christ by hearing it used as a swear word.

Where Did It All Start?

The life of Jesus had such an astonishing influence in the world that his birth split time into two parts.


What Was Jesus Like?

In this age that values freedom almost more than anything else, Jesus was the most liberated man who ever lived.

What Did Jesus Teach?

Jesus brought to the world of his time a completely different view of God.


What Did Jesus Do?

Having God's wholeness in our lives is what salvation is about and Jesus came to rescue us at every level of our need.


What Did Jesus Claim?

Jesus' main claim was that he came from Heaven to earth so that we could find out for ourselves what God is like!

Why Did Jesus Die?

The Fall of man was the most catastrophic event in the universe. It was pure tragedy but it set the plan of redemption in motion that brought Jesus to our earth.

The Resurrection

How can we make sense of the fact that Christ's disciples found his tomb empty a few days after he had been buried in it?


New Beginnings

History records that a literal, social earthquake was happening amongst the Jews within a few weeks of Jesus' crucifixion and rising from the dead.


Meaning For Us Today

The heart of what is called Christianity is a personal relationship with Jesus. So how can you and I meet him today?


More Videos Being Developed

The next series of videos is underway. It is about Jesus, the Good Shepherd. All of us yearn to be known, loved and cared for and that is what having Jesus as our Good Shepherd is all about.